How ThermalCUBEs™  Work

FACT:  A Ton of Air Conditioning is an archaic term meaning the amount of ICE Weight required in One hour for an enclosure (building or room) to maintain thermal comfort (specific temperature) as the Ice melts. Compressors are sized for the buildings' average needs per hour, i.e. 3, 5, 10, 50, 100 Ton, etc.

ThermalCUBE™ Energy

Our Patented Dual-Matrix Thermal Exchanger, with its unique rugged insulated storage container, is the heart of the ThermalCUBE™ Energy Storage Systems' superior features, extraordinary efficiencies and versatility. Our quiet CUBEs can be installed anywhere on or near a site (yes, even remote), often occupying un-used or under used area.   They can be mounted inside from basement to utility closet to attic spaces and/or outside from the roof to the ground or in a parking structure. CUBEs have no internal moving parts aside from the transport fluids. CUBEs use the building's existing engineered mechanical  systems to harvest, convert  electrical power and deliver the desired Thermal Comfort when & as needed.

Our CUBEs’ design is focused on the physics of water/ice phase change.  As a result, CUBEs can be charged, discharged and/or  energy passed-thru simultaneously as available or required. By maximizing and controlling the therms being released in the melt flows, each CUBE produces 22 Tons of air conditioning for your Thermal Comfort from only one ton of fluid.  Our modules are designed to easily link together to provide ANY needed capacity and Time-Shifts.  CUBEs use standard small diameter piping for thermal delivery, saving thousands of dollars on both install and operational costs.