ThermalCUBEs™ integrate the dynamically produced renewable energies into site used energy, independently or via the Grid, regardless of time of production OR source(s).  CUBE’s renewable integration is done WITHOUT the CONGESTION issues that are consistently attributed to Renewable Energies’ integration. The congestion typically caused by their integration is one of the primary reasons for Utility Companies discounting building owners' power contribution reimbursements for electricity placed into the Grid service.

Our on-site thermal storage CUBEs are small footprint modules which are easily linkable through our 'plug-n-play' connection system.  This modularity provides sizing capacities for all sizes and types of uses, from a small residence thru large commercial, industrial, & institutional-ANY engineered capacity. The permanent shift capacity can be engineered to meet the utilities’ strictest of Demand side management time-shift requirements, affording both the users and energy suppliers' confidence of both comfort and reliability. Placed on the end-use site where the harvested and converted energies will be used on demand, CUBE installations are considered pre-located distributed Demand Response. CUBEs utilize the buildings' existing mechanical infrastructure systems to harvest and convert available electricity into ice, which is stored within your CUBEs. Upon demand, the thermal energy is supplied to your building air handler system, providing the required cool comfort when and as needed. Our dual matrix exchanger guarantees that energy can be harvested, stored, AND released simultaneously as needed, removing the congestion issues associated with the dynamic production nature of renewables.  This simultaneous action allows for accommodation of the absorption of incoming renewables as they are produced, while providing continuous reliability of comfort to you around the clock.

US Building Energy-use Menus typically consist of 40% average of our energy-use specifically for purposes of air conditioning. In 'sun-belt' regions the percentage of use can easily surpass 65% of the total energy-use menu. Warm weather events  place additional, often long term demand on the already overtaxed grid capacity, causing the utility company to induce rolling black-outs.  With CUBEs storing air-conditioning power on-site well in advance of such events, you're ensured of continuous ongoing, un-interrupted thermal comfort...while removing your building's demand capacity from the peak daytime demand curve occurring on the grid.

When using the Grid as the transport system for renewable energy, storage of power from multi combinations of Renewable Sources (Sun, Wind, Wave, Geo, etc.) are easily accommodated by building owner's on-site CUBEs.  Whatever power is available can be harvested at anytime via our secure radio communications relay.

Onsite renewables can be directly utilized as well, offering extreme financial benefits to the property owners.  By dedicating the on-site located renewables to powering your AC, 40-65% of your building's energy needs are sequestered onsite WITHOUT entering the Grid.  This avoids the power company's economically discounting your power contributions while having to re-purchase from the Grid later at an economic loss.

In most US locations, the costs of purchase and install of ThermalCUBEs™ are fully reimbursed by the regional Independent System Operator (ISO-the air-traffic controllers of the Grid power) or the individual utility supplier under their Demand Response (DR) programs.  These reimbursements are most often paid as a one-time payment within 90 to 120 days after commissioning of the equipment. In some regions of the country, there are ongoing kW credits for permanent shifts that are measured and paid monthly for the life of the equipment.  These ongoing reimbursements can be extraordinary (in NM the supplier pays commercial accounts $17.67 per month per kW shifted daily between 8am and 8pm), however, the durations for the shift can be the limiting factors in many cases.  CUBEs can easily overcome and exceed required time-constraints due to their unique modularity.

Ask us about your many benefits of installing ThermalCUBEs™ on your building’s site.

FACT:  It is far less expensive for the electrical generation companies to run generators at constant levels of production day and night (costs@$0.03-0.045/kW), buying additional power needed during daytime peak demand periods (costs up to $300.00/kW)  and wasting under-used night power (FREE or reduced costs).

ThermalCUBE™ Energy