ThermalCUBE™ Energy

ThermalCUBE™ Specs
Connection System Plug-N-Play

Piping circuits per CUBE      3 independent closed loops

               TYPE                              Closed Loops                           FLUID Options    

                                                          Compressor                             Chilled H2O/ Ref    

                                                          CUBE Bath                               H2O/ ice    

                                                          Air Handler                             H2O w Glycol

            CONNECTIONS            Ball Valved (4) Plug-N-Play     

                                                          IN & OUT -Compressor   

                                                          IN & OUT -Exchanger @ Air Handler

CUBEs are linkable to create ANY engineered Storage Capacity and Duration

Each CUBE stores 77.5 kW of power  as 22 TONS of Air-Conditioning  which is 264,000 BTU’s

CUBE Weights

            Empty     352#

            Loaded 2,350#


             Height 42”

             Length 48”

             Width 43”

CUBE INflow/ OUTflow efficiency > 90%

 Differential Temp@‘Exhaust’ = 9°F

Maintenance Required: Annual visual inspection with reporting and change/topping of fluids

Warranty: 20 year Pro-rated

FACT:  Phase change of materials are materials that simply change from one state of existence to another at a designated temperature change - from gas to liquid to solid state ABSORBS energy OR solid state to liquid to gas RELEASES energy.  At 32°F, water transitions from liquid into ice (ABSORBS), or from ice into liquid (RELEASES).