ThermalWATTs™Thermal Energy Generators or TEGs® create useable electrical current from ANY energy source that has (or can produce) a minimum of 8° F Delta in water (or other viscous fluids). They facilitate our waste energies availability for in-site re-use WITHOUT other symbiotic waste-use relationships!!

Most human processes create excess heat, whether it’s from within our dwellings, recreation, transportation, business, or industry. Inefficiencies in equipment amd processes are the primary contributors, which came about due to low first costs of available energies. The majority of this heat is usually exhausted as waste into the immediate environment, even when produced as a primary goal such as hot water, space heat, or processing of materials. This heat disposal is a serious contributor to global climate impacts.

By harvesting and recycling the residual energies from waste and other available sources of heat for internal re-use, TEGs® greatly reduce the demand for ‘virgin’ current power from the outside grid world. This demand reduction in turn dramatically shrinks the TEG® users Carbon Footprints, (and overheads) contributing to a better, healthier environment.

Current one-off TEGs® are about the size of the average residential dishwasher producing 20 Amps @ 130 volts, dependent upon individual fluid characteristics & flow rates. TEG® modules can be linked together for higher demand capacities, when required. The proposed TEGs® production units will be increased in size to about the size of a small apartment refrigerator producing 30 Amps @ 130 volts.


​TEG Unit​

Desktop TEG Demo

TEG Module integrated with the CUBE

TEG Module