Renewable’s Energy Grid Integration
Utilizing proprietary radio signal technologies, our CUBE systems can be programmed to instantly ramp-up (or down) to accommodate Grid integration of commercial scaled renewable energy productions. Renewable energy’s dynamic production characteristics are disruptive to the normal operations of the grid.  By ramping as required, CUBEs create a ‘vacuum’ target for the powers’ destination, removing the congestion issues typically associated with renewable power.  As demonstrated at the Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC, the power produced by buildings’ on-site solar panels can be directly stored on-site for use at ANY time it’s required WITHOUT entering the grid (or all of it’s fee reductions) giving the property owner a great direct economic advantage & SOLAR AIR-CONDITIONING!

Powering Tomorrow Tonight™
By harvesting the Grid’s under utilized, lower cost nighttime power, CUBEs act as a savings account, recycling the energy to a better time of use when the value of power is much higher. Several other factors create economic benefits for the owners as well.  By running the building’s mechanical systems at night, the ambient temperatures are often 20° lower than during the day, resulting in improvements of equipment efficiencies in excess of 15%. Additionally, by running the building’s equipment at it’s optimum efficiency levels over long periods through the night reduces equipment maintenance costs, adding higher efficiencies of production and extending years to the operating life-cycles of the equipment.

Pre-Transported Energy-Less Issues-Better Reliability
By using the grid as the transport system of the electrical power at night, there is a great reduction of stress on the grid as compared to the daytime peaks. Distributing the power’s storage onto the individual users’ sites creates sequestered energy, as distributed stand-by demand, significantly increasing reliability, dramatically lowering fuel costs, while eliminating brownout and blackout events on the site.

Shift Happens™
Whatever the source or form of power: grid, solar, wind, wave, geothermal; CUBEs store it. This storage creates SHIFT from time of production into the time of use, allowing for the maximum efficiencies (and lower costs) of the power’s use.

Where CUBEs reside

CUBEs are placed anywhere on a site that there is room. Installs can be inside or outside; often placed in minimally or under-used areas. These area can be in basements, vaults, utility closets, adjacent to the structure, or even on rooftops. For high-rise applications, storage area are recommended for each floor, cutting down AC response time dramatically, due to the regional locations within the building. The CUBEs can be located remote to each other as well, or even off from the use-site if needed. CUBEs can be stacked 2 units high (unsupported), and up to 9 high with our engineered vertical racking system. 

Our Technologies

Designed with advanced physics, our highly efficient CUBEs hve no moving parts, except the fluid transport mediums. CUBEs can be simultaneously charged and dis-charged, allowing for incremental gains or losses in storage that are related to the availability of incoming power, especially renewables. This maximizes the integration of renewables into targeted onsite storage while eliminating grid congestion and not affecting AC reliability within the building. CUBEs are so efficient, that each CUBE produces and stores 22 tons of air-conditioning from only ONE-TON of water!

FACT: According to the US Department of Energy. 40% of the average US electrical bill is used for air-conditioning nationwide.

Small Scaleable Distributed Demand Response Modules
Each 4’CUBE stores 77.5kW of harvested converted power and holds it’s power in the final converted energy formin which it will be used. This site stored energy for for air conditioning is held until it’s use is required within the building(s). CUBEs are easily linked together to supply ANY engineered capacity required for their end users’ needs, including duration hours of desired power shift by utility aggregators.

Plug-n-Play Thermal Energy Storage Batteries
Our quick connect components make installations fast and easy to accommodate ANY size storage capacity to meet the end-user’s needs. CUBEs are compatible with residential, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional uses.  Utilizing the building’s existing mechanical systems, our CUBEs become the repository of the harvested and converted electrical energy, storing the power as ICE for use as source power for the building's air-conditioning. Each CUBE stores 22 tons of Air-Conditioning capacity. This simple act can FLATTEN the daytime peak demand curve for electrical power by 40 to 65% for each building, with the Shift amount depending on building characteristics, geographic location and meteorological factors.

ThermalCUBE™ Energy is an R&D manufacturer of unique energy harvesting, storage, and generating products from under-used, re-captured and waste energies. Our proprietary products seek to simplify and solve energy distribution issues concerning the electrical grid delivery, renewable energy integration, and onsite recycling of wasted energy resources.

Our first & primary product: ThermalCUBEs™ are energy storage devices (batteries) that hold harvested energies on sites, regardless of time or source, until it’s power use is required there. These small linkable thermal storage CUBE devices are placed on the end user’s site, supplying their stored thermal energy to the building’s air-conditioning system as it’s needed.

ThermalCUBE™ Energy

What is ThermalCUBE™ Energy?