ThermalCUBE™ Energy


FACT:  As of 2017 ThermalEnergy Storage is MANDATED in new and renovated structures that use Air Conditioning in the states of California; New York (NYC metro); & Massachusetts.


With realizations that technology has long surpassed the at-capacity Electrical Grid, which has survived well beyond its original Life-expectancy, there is a ground swell of activity to update, renovate, expand, and create a more sustainable power delivery system: the Smart Grid.  

Difficulty of incorporating Renewables' dynamic power productions, leveling extreme variations in use demands, and maintenance of moment-to-moment power quality in a cost effective way have always been and continue to be at the forefront of un-resolved issues. By dissecting and analyzing the uses and schedules of buildings' daily power consumption, incorporating state of the art bi-directional communications systems, and inserting separate storage to individual users' sites, the timing difficulties of the past and present associated with the Grid may quite easily be addressed. By incorporating new and existing technologies side by side to co-function and coexist, new opportunities are created, new energy sources embraced, better efficiencies are found, and lower environmental impacts occur, benefiting everyone.

The purpose of this white paper is to explore the possibilities and details of ThermalCUBE™ Energy's concepts for incorporating widespread Thermal Energy Storage for onsite storage and use, and how to create very positive impacts towards a better world by Taming the Smart Grid.